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    The Company  
      MANECO: Stands for Managing the Economics. We research the economics of value creation through companies, individuals and social systems. The analytical framework brings together sophisticated management & investment tools into cohesive economic models that help develop optimal solutions.

    We are an advisory with strong foundations in theoretic and on-field research that focuses on delivering practical solutions to companies, individuals and civil society.

    Our Belief:
    • Every enterprise has an economic framework
    • It is necessary to understand and optimise this system
    • Management and investment models need to be applied appropriately
      What we do?
    • In-depth research of global trends & best practices
    • Develop proprietary systems & tools
    • Partner customers in delivering solutions
      Who we are?
    • A team of economists and management graduates
    • Experience in industry, research & consultancy for over 10 years
    • Project & research specific partnerships with reputed domain experts
      How we work?
    • Have well-defined deliverables
    • Deliver tools that directly relate to business
    • Innovative terms, which are cost effective
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