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    Proprietary Models  
      Manecobiz Framework : A mechanism used to define the complete economics of a business. Through this framework the Value Potential of an enterprise is maximised by
    • Optimising business positioning in terms of markets – product and resource
    • True ERP: Efficient allocation & utilisation of resources – physical, human, capital & organisation
    • Promoting rational decision making
      Speed (Strategy and Planning for Excellence in Execution & Delivery): This is a framework for managing the entire business operations with focus on execution. It synthesises economic concepts with management theories promoting efficient execution and business excellence. This is an efficient tool for change management, introducing professionalism in a company and propelling aggressive growth.  
      Probe (Process & Result Oriented Business Enterprise): This is a micro-organisational model that looks at each employee as an agent creating value in the enterprise. The entire enterprise is broken into sub-processes, which are aligned horizontally. This translates into well defined specific work profiles for every employee in the organisation and assists in improving organisation-wide process efficiency. This is a good tool used for HR role definitions, pre ERP business process evaluation and for making effective company resource utilisation, and transforms the Company into LEAN operations.  
      Corporate Social Management : This is a tool that defines corporate social responsibility activities within the framework of corporate strategy and enhances concepts like triple bottom-line reporting. We utilise this model to develop thought leadership in the field of CSR  
      Africa Country Potential: It is an economic model being utilised to develop a comprehensive understanding of economic potential of various countries. The model is being utilised to develop better understanding of African countries.

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