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    Management Consultancy  
    • Overview
    • Intervention Scope
      Management efficiency is critical to economic value addition by a Company. Through our different proprietary models and customised interventions, we partner companies in enhancing their business model and operations.
    Our USP
    • Interventions are designed on the foundation of in-depth research on contemporary developments
    • Unique proposition utilising concepts of economics in day to day management of companies for effective execution
    • Strong experience of practical working with clients has made us promote a 'hands on' approach that provides support to managers in finding solutions
    • Continuous process of generating fresh perspectives and developing new insights and proprietary tools to assist in better management
    • Emphasis on solving specific problems and not promoting boiler plate products

    • An intervention model with fixed deliverables
    • While focusing on improvements, we always provide outputs that improve the management infrastructure of a Company
    • Get to use appropriate management tools within our proprietary frameworks
    • Share of best practices from our wide exposure to different industries
    • There are always well defined cost benefits


    Our interventions are designed for Industry leaders who are looking to:
    • Reach a new level of growth
    • Develop professionalism in the Company
    • Manage rapid expansion
    • Improve efficiencies
    • Bring in change
    • Solve a particular problem
      Proprietary Models
    • Manecobiz Framework
    • SPEED
    • PROBE
      Business Strategy and Execution: Maneco has its own proprietary model developed through research and over 10 years of experience consulting for different companies in India, which assist companies in planning, MIS, review systems, risk management, organisation development and helps propel a new growth strategy as a change management initiative. In effect, it is a comprehensive training programme for managers and employees coupled with outsourcing of a complete strategy execution cell.

    Process Engineering: Maneco has evolved a system that evaluates and develops the business process architecture for its clients. The intervention focuses on restructuring workflow in terms of horizontally integrated operating chains and emphasises on maintaining controls, increasing efficiencies and addressing changing business needs. The pure technical production process is kept outside the domain of the assignment. While improvising 6 sigma and TOC frameworks to integrate a system of process improvement, through these services, we also deliver a complete process manual with roles and function defined for all employees. This can also help in business mapping prior to an ERP implementation.

    Customised Services: Maneco also provides customised services in evaluating and developing their business plans, formulating growth vision, improving specific efficiencies, developing MIS and review mechanisms, creating new businesses, analysing market potential and entry strategy, improving efficiencies in company-wide cost management, project planning and evaluation, enterprise risk management and Company policy formulations
      Some cases:
    • The strategy and execution cell of an auto-component major targeting ten times profit growth in 4 years
    • Process engineering for an electrical engineering major using project based manufacturing process
    • Evaluating cost structures to become EVA positive for a continuous process manufacturer

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