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      An enterprise is finally dealing with people and it is very important for appropriate communication with all stakeholders. We develop the overall strategy including full content and design for businesses to communicate effectively with internal and external stake-holders, be it employees, investors or customers.

    The different kinds of work include:
    • Corporate Vision, Mission and Long Term Goals
      • Develop vision, mission & long term strategy
      • Create communications around it – internal for employees, external for investors

    • Annual Reports
      • An annual report is a very effective communication tool for a company – it is a great tool for corporate image building
      • Highlight Corporate governance and prudent disclosures
      • Develop a them and design for a company's message

    • Corporate Brochures and presentations
      • Communication tool for customers

    • Investor Presentations
      • All periodic Communication to the investors community highlighting performance, strategy, risk and concerns

    • Website
      • Develop Content and design for a corporate website

    • Company Newsletters
      • Internal HR tool for team building
      Customers across the following industries:  
    • Auto-ancillary
    • Pharma
    • FMCG
    • Construction
    • Real Estate
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Textiles
    • IT services
    • Chemicals
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Healthcare
      We have specific expertise in developing content for investor relations including the Annual Report

    The Annual Report, Investor Website or Corporate Presentations are fundamental tools for such corporate communication. And, the document can be extended for interactions with other stakeholders like customers and business partners.
      What we do for Annual Reports, Investor Websites & Corporate Presentations
    • Based on inputs from client, we develop the theme for the Company. We prepare a one page theme note for an enterprise
    • Prepare content for company themes or strategy
    • The financial highlights
    • The Letter from the Chairman or CEO.
    • An exhaustive, properly documented and well written chapter or presentation on Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) which is usually 12-18 pages long depending upon the size and complexity of the businesses, and covers, among other things:
      • Macroeconomic indicators.
      • Market and industry overview as well as the company's overall business strategy.
      • Sales performance for the year under review for the company as a whole and its different business units.
      • Detailed performance of operations: production, productivity, investments that have occurred and planned, quality, plant-level initiatives, supply chain management, vendor development, etc.
      • IT systems and how these have been deployed.
      • Developments and initiatives on the HR front.
      • Energy use, optimisation, and developments that have led to energy savings.
      • Environmental initiatives.
      • Financial performance, which includes profit and loss elements, key financial ratios, balance sheet indicators, cash flow indices, gearing and the overall financial structure and stability of the business.
      • Internal control systems: how these are at present, their scope and adequacy.
      • Business risks as perceived by the management, and how these risks are sought to be mitigated.
      • Initiatives related to communities and corporate social responsibility.
      • Business outlook for the next year.
      • Conclusions.
    • The section on Corporate Governance, which not only includes all that is needed under the new Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement, but also where the company stands vis-à-vis best practices.
    • The section on Additional Shareholder Information.
    • In addition to this, we also assist in the design of the annual report, investor web-page or presentation. We will work with the client's appointed designer on pagination and different design concepts for developing layouts. We also have our own design team, if you are interested

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