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      At Maneco, we utilise our research insights to explore and identify various options to generate financial returns from a certain economic condition. For us, any trading condition exists due to geographical divergences in supply and demand. And, a strong economic rationale is most important in determining a good investment. We identify different opportunities for investments in businesses, asset classes and trading opportunities that arise from a prevailing economic condition. In the process, we also help incubate new ideas and provide opportunities for significant returns with low risk spreads for investors. Through this service, we cater to both individuals and companies.

    For Individuals
    Typically, individuals invest in financial instruments floated in various markets – deposits, mutual funds, insurance, investment schemes, equity – all of which finally depend on returns from an economic enterprise. However, even after adhering to several disclosure norms, the underlying enterprise remains fairly opaque for individual investors. Also, intermediaries take away a large part of the return.

    It is also common knowledge, that well structured new businesses that fulfil a specified economic necessity or opportunity provides much greater returns for investors. We devise innovative models for individuals to invest into different new ideas with strong economic rationale and execution skills. These models are backed up by investment structures that are completely transparent and protect investor risks.

    For Companies
    We help companies in developing business plans for diversification and entry into new businesses or new markets. The strategy development is supported by our in-depth research on changing economic dynamics and regulatory environment. Detailed investment plans are developed in line with the new business strategy

    Mergers and Acquisitions is a regular activity in the corporate sector globally. Investment banks approach this business with an objective to push a deal through. We have a model of helping companies identify potential targets, formulate their valuations and develop a complete strategy for the merger or acquisition. This is sometimes done on a fixed research fee basis or on a success basis. We also have a pool of such assets, where management is interested to exit.

      Idea Incubator:: We believe that the most important agent, who engineers the development of economic potential, is the entrepreneur. And, there are some fundamental levers that makes and entrepreneur create increased economic value. The ability of an entrepreneur to envision and plan through each of these levers differentiates success stories from failures.

    The Idea Incubation' Centre (IIC) at MANECO helps identify such entrepreneurs and helps them develop all the important levers that well help turn a vision into reality.
      We help entrepreneurs:
    • Develop their ideas and convert them into a structured business plan
    • Get others to buy into an idea and partner such entrepreneurs
    • Generate initial finance for such businesses
      Mergers, Acquisition & Private Equity : We regularly have updated global opportunities for mergers, acquisitions and PE investments. We also have a network of investors who we use for syndicated financing activity. We take up specific customised assignments for clients to research the market landscape, devise an acquisition strategy and work with potential targets to work out the economic and business due diligence

    Co- Operative Investments : We devise innovative investment structures for individuals or HNIs to invest in enterprises or trading opportunities through a transparent, risk managed route. This provides individuals with another investment asset class that can benefit from large profitability of micro organisations
      Current Investment Opportunities:  
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